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  XEBEC INDIA TOURS & EXPORTS PRIVATE LIMITED We would like to take the privilege of introducing ourselves as an Indian Company, which are being committed to the world of its Service and Quality.
"XEBEC", the name is derived from small three-masted Mediterranean vessel with lateen and usually some square sails of 16th Century which used to use as a passenger as well as merchandise liner.
In Japan, there was a XEBEC namely "KAIOU MARU" which was specially built as a passenger liner which had a head on collision with a glacier but returned to Shin Minato Port of Toyama Prefecture of Japan without any loss of life.
Now, we have launched that motto, "To Serve & To Protect" in India to attain your need in the following sectors:
We are in the business of Manufacturing of Mould & Die since 1971 and we diversified our Company to Tourism, Export and Mass-Comm., since 1996 and now on the 24th day of March, 1998 we reincarnated our group as XEBEC India.

The motto, " We make, People use", came through the experience of past 27 years of manufacturing of Mould & Die, specialised in the field of Footwear. We make moulds & dies for the user of direct injection / vulcanizing process and press tool dies. We are making moulds & dies for the renowned shoe makers in India like Bata India, Action Shoes, Lakhani, Khadim, Ajanta Shoes, Silver Toss, India Automation and others.

We are in the business of Inbound Tour Operation from various countries of the world especially from Japan as we have our Japanese-speaking staffs to render to the exigency of our Japanese clients with the co-operation of our associated offices in Japan.
We are handling Tours according to the choice of our clients with the close associated network all over India.
We have some Designer Collected Tours which are obviously mind blowing to all travel buff which are as follows:
1) Be Maharaja for a week
2) Be healthy through Ayurveda
3) Follow the stepping of Buddha
4) Feel the essence of South
5) Enlighten yourself through Meditation & Astrology
6) Enjoy a thrust of Trekking & Rafting
7) Experience the Indian Home
8) Relish Indian Bay Watch
9) Relax at the Foothills of Himalayas
10) Away from the Civilization

We are exporting the exclusive Indian Handicrafts made out of Sandalwood, Brass and Cotton / Silk made up item, Garment, Precious & semi-precious Jewelry etc. We believe in Quality and Punctuality in this sector.

We serve our careful co-ordination to the foreign television companies especially Japanese TV Companies like Nippon Hoso Kiyoku, Mainichi Broadcast, Toyama Television, Fuji Television, Forties Inc., Asahi Video Project and others for their valuable documentary films with the help of professional co-ordinators.
We also co-ordinate for the Still Photographers especially Japanese like Infinity Co., Geoscope Inc., Impress and others for their precious articles made for All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and others. We co-ordinate for the Press Reporter and Freelancer too with the help of professional hands.

All these represent us in a nutshell. If you have any quarry about us please feel free to communicate us.


  Company Headquarters:
UG-44,Somdatt Chambers-II,
9,Bhikaji Cama Place,
New Delhi-110066

To Serve and To Protect